I recently put together a brand new pedal board and I wanted to solve that ever present problem of your guitar cable getting “kicked” and disconnected during performance (Actually, this usually happens when a tech accidentally steps on your cable between sound check and the performace).

So, I gutted an old DOD a/b switcher box and drilled holes with a Uni-bit.

Uni bit

Keep in mind that whenever you drill into metal, its important to use a punch to begin the hole as the uni bit is not sharp enough to start the hole by itself.

Next, I installed 3 stereo Neutrik Locking 1/4 connectors. These are for the guitar input to pedal board and a Right and Left stereo output from the pedal board. Surprisingly, these connectors do not come with appropriate installation hardware, so I drilled screw holes with a 7/64 bit and attached it with a 1/2 machine screws.

The solder is fairly a simple mono to mono connection inside the box. Neutrik connectors are labeled Tip, Ring, Gnd, for easy identification, for the others, I just used the connectors from the old DOD.  I’ve gotten pretty handy at soldering from all the cables and connections I’ve done in the rack, so this took me all of 15 minutes to wire up.

This side goes to the boardThe Top

Locking side, Guitar in, and stereo outs to amps

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